Practicing Gratitude

As I was reading books and blogs, trying to figure out what was missing in my life, one of the topics that kept coming up was gratitude. When you are especially unhappy with your life, having gratitude is one of those concepts that you think you will never have. You think that it is achievable for other people but never for you.

The truth is that gratitude, like happiness, is a choice. It is something that needs to be practiced and cultivated.  Everyone should take some time out of their lives everyday to think about what they are grateful for.

Before you say,” But I have nothing to be grateful for,” I am here to tell you, you do. Are you breathing? Be grateful. Do you have food? Be grateful. Do you have a home? Be grateful.

You can even be grateful for the bad things in life. It’s raining outside. Well the rain will stop, the sun will shine again, and it will look even more beautiful because of the rain. Be grateful. Not feeling well; have a cold. Be grateful.  You’ll be that much happier about and more appreciative of your health when you’re better. You had your heart broken. Yes, it hurts, but you are now one step closer to finding the right person.

One thing that I’ve started doing, is keeping a gratitude journal. I don’t get to it everyday (though I should) but at least once a week, I write down ten things that I am grateful for and I reread what I wrote before. Guess what happens? After a while, you start being grateful without even thinking about it. Eventually that gratefulness blossoms into happiness. Then great things will start to happen for you. Many times those things will be small things. But your life will be better for having them happen to you. If you then pass that on to other people in your life, and even to strangers that you meet during the course of your day, you’ll be able to have an incredible impact on other people’s lives.

Just know that there will always be bad times in your life but all it takes is one act of gratitude for things to start turning around.


One thought on “Practicing Gratitude

  1. I remember seeing Oprah Winfrey on TV several years ago, here in the UK, when she suggested writing a blessings book, nine or ten things we were grateful for…each day; a bit excessive I thought, but the motives were good. I also liked the philosophy supporting the film PAYING IT FORWARD, partly, I suppose, because the ideas were uncluttered by religious doctrine and rituals, just giving without strings. But that’s my opinion.


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