Solitude. It’s a word that has gotten a negative reputation that it doesn’t deserve. The actual definition is “the state or situation of being alone”, but you can have solitude without being lonely. Many people enjoy solitude without being lonely. I think that all of us should experience solitude at some point in our lives. The human mind, in fact, needs solitude.
Solitude should be used as a time of reflection. A time to connect with the divine. With all that is going in the world today, it is extremely hard to quiet the mind and be in solitude or quietness.
So how do you quiet the mind? Let’s start by saying that there is no one way to practice quieting the mind. You could talk to five different people who practice being quiet and get five different answers about how they do it. Eventually, if practiced enough, you will come up with your own way too. There are a few habits that could help you on your path.

1. Set aside time each day to practice quietness and stillness. Even if it in only for five or ten minutes. Those five or ten minutes allow you to decompress and drain all the negativity out of your body. You’ll be more relaxed and you’ll get to know what you need to quiet your mind. Random thoughts will flow through your mind. Let them come, acknowledge them, and then let them go.
2. Unplug from everything during your time of quietness Cell phones, TV’s, IPod’s. Turn it all off. They are all distractions. They just add clutter to your mind. Quietness is all about uncluttering your mind.
3. Learn to listen. Eventually, as you are able to settle your mind more, you will be able to hear other things come into your mind. Not the clutter and unproductive statements that hold us back, but truths about ourselves that need to come to the surface. That help us see who we truly are and who we are meant to be.

One more suggestion, if you can’t find time during the day, set your alarm a little earlier. I know nobody really wants to get up earlier but getting up earlier in the morning can be a good time for quiet. Before everyone gets up and the day begins, is a perfect time to refocus yourself, center yourself, and energize yourself for the day ahead.
The next time you find your mind spinning and you’re not able to stop it, remember that you, as a human being, need solitude. Seek solitude and quietness and you will experience peace.


3 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. My time of solitude has always been the last 10 minutes or so before I fall asleep and the first few minutes when I wake up. I also try to practice being grateful on a daily basis. Not only does it make another person feel good (if you are thanking them), but it makes you feel good about yourself!!
    Your blog is very well written and thought out!! Great job!!


  2. I can certainly relate to the piece you wrote on solitude. Solitude is a good thing. A time to reflect, to gather our thoughts, to renew our spirits. Solitude can also like you stated be a time to refocus. However, too much solitude can feel more like solitary confinement and teach people to be antisocial.


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