Getting Out Of Bed

Getting out of bed. For most people it’s the easiest, though not the most pleasant , part of the day. But to those of us that have overwhelming anxieties and fears, it can be the hardest.
If you’ve never been to the point where you’d rather be dead than getting up and facing the day, you won’t completely understand. If you’ve never have feared the world so much that you feel like your heart will explode when you go out the door, you won’t comprehend it. Only people who have had these experiences can totally understand the depths to which one’s soul can hurt.
It’s hard to explain how someone can get to this point. For me it started out small and slowly grew to consume everything I was. I didn’t even see it sneak up on me. One day I was me , the next I didn’t know who I was. Depression and anxiety overtakes you before you even know it’s there.
For those of you who are going through this right now, I have words of advice that I learned from my own personal experiences.
First thing, no matter how hard it is, you have to get up. You have to literally force yourself out of bed and out of your house. You also have to metaphorically get up. Keep telling yourself that it will be okay and that it will pass. Because, trust me, it will pass.
You need to focus on the positive. Sometimes the negative looks so huge that everything else doesn’t seem to be there but the positive is still there. You just need to look for it and the focus on it. Soon the negative will be small and the positive huge. You will never get rid of all the bad but this is a start.


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