God’s Plan

The last couple of weeks have not been very good for me. I don’t really go into it much on social media but , the fact of the matter is I have a lot of emotional problems that have plagued me since I was young. Part of those problems is a feeling I have that everyone is going to leave me. That I am not worth anyone’s time and why should anyone want to hang around with me. In short, serious abandonment issues
Because of that, I unintentionally pushed someone away from me that I never wanted to . Someone who meant a lot to me . Anyway this is the poem that emerged from my last two weeks of putting myself through hell.

God’s Plan

I don’t understand
But, it’s God’s plan.
I have to trust
That my pain will go away
And make sense someday.
Then I won’t remember what I was upset about.
It will be a dream from a long time ago
And all this will not mean a thing,
I trust you Lord
And I know this will pass.
With your help,
I always get back up after I’ve been knocked down.
To the world and the haters in it,
You can try to kill me, but i will always rise.


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