Travels With SHEEX Co-CEO AND Co-Founder Michelle Brooke-Marciniak

A very inspiring blog from one of my favorite Lady Vols player, Michelle Brooke-Marciniak.

Talk SHEEX® With Susan Walvius & Michelle Marciniak

By Michelle Brooke-Marciniak


Whirlwind experiences. Last month I was fortunate enough to attend EY’s World Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards in Monaco (pictured above) and the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, CO. I have attended many conferences throughout my SHEEX tenure, yet they seem to be getting better and better each year.


Because I believe that I am growing, and so is my mind, craving information, experiences and knowledge. The deeper I dive into being an entrepreneur, the more I want to learn, see and experience. Listening to inspirational speakers is “mind candy” for me. I love applying the experiences of other Executives and Founders to my own, as well as drawing connections to my own successes and failures within SHEEX.  It is humbling to listen to highly accomplished Founder’s and CEO’s speak of their paths to success. The most meaningful part is listening to their missteps – the…

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