So this is another poem. Poetry is one of the first ways I used to express myself through writing. It was and still is , my favorite. While I love to write in general, I always felt at home with poetry. Especially free verse. You can say what you need or want to say quickly or you can draw it out . You can be plain as day or turn everything into a metaphor. Either way, someone, somewhere will probably be able to relate to any poem you write as long as it is honest. If you start trying to fool people,well let’s just say , it shows.
That being said , this poem and the last couple I have posted , are raw for me. Some of you already know I have had some personal problems lately and, true to who I am , they are all coming out in poems. This one is called Energy. It’s somewhat sad, somewhat positive, and, for me personally, part prayer. I hope you enjoy. Please share if you like it and , if you get a chance , visit me on Faccebook ,


Everyday there’s a new sunrise.
And everyday I get up again ; to try and be the best me I can be.
As of late, it’s been hard; I have to tell my brain to move my body.
To move each limb; move each muscle ; contract, expand ; move up , move down.
Nothing wants to move of it’s own accord; they want to stay under the sheets.
Let my brain sleep ; let my body rest; let my heart heal.
Let my mind forget all the thoughts in there; let the neurons reconnect themselves differently.
Let my mind leave Hell and reform in Heaven.
Let me live in the moment I’m in now; erase pain and sorrow.
Earth and God give me your energy; pour it through me.
Blaze fire from my head to my heart to the soles of my feet.
Energy flowing with the grace of water and also the power of lava.
Help it change me; clean me,make me strong in it.
Let me lose myself in energy; let me lose my mind.


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