Letter From My Soul.

About a month ago, I let my ego get out of control. I let that little voice in my head convince me that certain things were going to happen and n the process made myself miserable. By the way, they did not happen.
But that voice in our head, what Eckhart Tolle, calls the ego, will make you think that nothing good is every going to happen and only the worst things imaginable is what will always happen to you.
In a moment of clarity, a moment of stillness and quiet, an idea came to me. Not really a new idea, really a borrowed idea that I have heard of other people doing. Usually it’s people writing a letter to a younger version of themselves. My idea was to write a letter from my soul to the egocentric person I was at that moment.
It took a little time for me to get everything out of me and onto paper but here it is. I have to say that this is one of my favorite things I have ever written. I thinks it says a lot about where I was spiritually at that moment and I think it shows, to everyone, that even when you’re having a time in your life where thing aren’t right, it just takes a moment of stillness to set things on the right course.

Letter From My Soul

Dear Heather,
We have been together a long time, you and I. When I was still with the Divine, he showed me your life and your challenges and I know I could help you. I knew you could help me too. Help me with my purpose , to learn from living a human existence. I choose you. I choose your life.
I was with you in the womb. I was there when your body was being formed. I was the formless essence that was comforting you while you were formless. We know each other intimately even though you do not remember . But you are now on the edge of reawakening your mind and reconnecting with me. I know you can feel me in the quiet times, the quiet spaces. Be comforted by the fact that I will always be with you. Even when you take your last breath.
Since I know you so well, let me start by saying you are human and you make mistakes. That’s okay. That is how we both grow and learn. I say we because my growth is because of all you experience. We are symbiotic.
I can feel the fear that lives inside you. Understand that there is nothing in this world, or any other , that can touch me. Nothing that can hurt me. I am your constant. Your rock. I am the piece of the Divine in you. Cling to me, cling to the Divine. That is your foundation.
I observe your emotions and what they do to your body. I see how scared you get and how troubled your mind can be. Lean on me to help you overcome this. That is your ego telling you lies. It tells you nothing but delusions and falsehoods. Don’t listen. Turn it off like you would a radio.
Don’t listen to the ego when it tells you you need things to make you happy. Happiness is already in you. There is nothing that you don’t already have that can make you perfect and complete. You are already perfect and complete.
You also don’t need people to complete you. I know the loneliness you feel sometimes . That is your ego again trying to make you feel less than you are. People will not fix your pain. Only you can do that and I will help you with that.
Nobody can make you understand how worthy you are. Worthy of love, of light, of peace, and of everything you want out of life. The people who are telling you that you are not worthy, feel unworthy themselves and want to tear you down.
Keep in mind, that your thoughts and feelings do not define you. The essence of you is undefinable. Your potential unlimited. Just stop listening to the chatter in your mind and trust me. Trust that the Divine and I have your best interests at heart.
Everything is going to be okay. You can’t see the plan right now but there is a plan in place for you. Trust the Divine. Trust me, and trust yourself.

Love , Your Soul.


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