Just Passing Through


I believe that saying above. I believe that we are just passing through this life to learn what we need to and then we will return to the Creator. Eventually we will decide if we want to come back to a new life or stay with the Creator.
I know this and understand this but there is a part of me that wants to be home now. That longs to be home, that is impatient for it.
I am not very patient. I have come to believe that is one of the lessons I am supposed to be learning about because I have such a hard time with it.
The other concept I have a hard time with is self love. Again I think that is one of things my soul is here to learn about. How to love yourself no matter what. I actually think I’ve made a little progress here. Here’s what I think the key is.
You have to show yourself the same love and compassion you would show to other people. You have to say to yourself ,”I love you no matter what. I even love your broken pieces. I will love you through this.”
Then you embrace your pain, hold it , let it know that it’s okay that it exists in you, and let yourself know that you still love you.
The pain won’t get better overnight. Not even in a few days but you will notice space between the pain and your heart. Then you will notice the that maybe the pain isn’t as big as it was. That it doesn’t take up as much as of your focus as it did. Or ,at the very least, it’s not in the very front of your mind.
That’s a start in the right direction. It will take a while for things to settle. That’s the hard part. Like I said, patience is a virtue I have yet to acquire. So this drives me crazy. But, I am able to see that the old saying, time heals all wounds, is at least partially true.
Time may not heal all wounds, there are some which may never completely heal. But time does bring perspective , perspective helps to let go, and letting go means forgiving yourself and others.
So I guess what I’m saying through all this rambling is that, while a part of me wants, to go back to the Creator, another part of me understands why I am here. More importantly accepts the reason for why I am here. I am here for my soul to learn and sometimes that hurts. But the journey and the lessons are the important things. Pain will end or lessen given time. Focus on your lessons and the journey.


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