Potential Inside

Just a quick little poem to end the night with. Pretty short for me. I feel like when I started it , I had every intention of making it a significant poem and then somewhere it said to me, this is enough. This small little bit is enough.

So it’s now just a few little lines that started with a whole lot of potential and ended up just being. There is probably something pretty profound in that but I am getting tired and my mind doesn’t really want to think about it right now. So here it is , Potential Inside.


Potential Inside

People hurting other people,

This is how it all starts.

People not realizing they are special.

That’s what hurts the most –

Not realizing the potential inside;

Not heeding your calling.

That’s why you feel empty

Because you’re not doing what you love.

You’re not being true to yourself;

Not being true to your soul

Which is crying out to you.

Telling you to let go of your pretensions .

Let go and be what you can b


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