Run Your Race!

Very good blog post with an inspiring message. Everyone take a couple of minutes and read it.

R. A. Douglas

I took part in a lot of fun activities while growing up and I loved everything I did, but undeniable, running outdid them all. Running taught me some hidden truths about life. It was my first love. It was my meditation and my therapy. I don’t believe I cared half as much about the competitive aspect of track and field, as I did the way it felt during and after a race/work out; breaking through friction, running past what I thought was my limit, the feel of the rubber track under my spikes, the hot air surrounding my flushed face at the end of each set, lactic acid to turn overs, and the love/hate relationship with mega twos. Most of all, it came with discipline and lessons that could be carried into every area of life. 
It was never about the competition, the medals, t-shirts, or prize at the end…

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