Take Responsibility; Lesson From Kids

A very good message that I think a lot of us need to hear.

Hope Nwosu

If there is any body in the world that is not afraid of taking responsibility for his/her actions, it’s a kid. Ask him hours later (as much as he can remember) who did this or that and he is not afraid to say ‘it’s I’ even though he stands to be punished.

It’s either kids don’t want to be afraid or that it’s in their nature not to be afraid. They accept their actions or inactions in good faith without saying it’s this or that person that made them to do what they did.

Kids just tell you the whole truth not minding the consequences. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons it’s easier to correct a kid than an adult. Adults try to find an excuse to almost everything that goes wrong. For instance, an unsuccessful businessman might want to blame his woe on the scarcity of clients or…

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