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A Realization

Something I figured out today. Maybe I should have understood this before but sometimes you don’t understand things right away. In fact we probably aren’t suppose to understand most things right away.

 So here’s what I figured out. If you look at everyone we would consider strong , they didn’t have everything figured out all at once. In their darkest hours , they probably didn’t know up from down. Buut no matter what, they found a way. A way through, a way to have hope, a way to happiness. 

It might have taken a while. And at points they probably want to give up but they found a way.

I’ve been reading every book I can get my hands on. Self help, inspirational stories, etc. I have learned something from all of them but the bottom line is that I have to find my own way. Even when my path i so dark  I can’t see a step in front of me. I need to find a way. We all need to find a way.


The Heart Knows

So this is my newest poem. It’s very me in the sense that I think a lot and worry a lot. Sometimes I am great at giving advice but horrible at taking my own advice. And then there are times I have to remind myself to stop ,breathe, relax, and let the Universe provide.
I have to remind myself that I am human and humans have feelings. And that’s okay . It’s okay to have worries but it’s not okay to let them take over your mind.
Anyway, that’s a little bit of background about where this poem from and about the part of me that ,hopefully, shines through in it.


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