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I don’t know how many of you know about Wattpad. Basically it’s a website or app where you can publish your writing. There are lots of users and lots of good stories.
One of the nice things about Wattpad is that you can publish stories and / or books in chapters instead of all at once.I am currently working on a story and a book of poetry.
Here is the link to my profile. Please take a look and share. If you are a Wattpad user please vote and also let me know bout your works so I can check them out . Thanks.


Finding Me on Wattpad

So I figured I would give writing on Wattpad a try. Anybody who’s interested please check it out. It is labeled Pg-13 because of LGBT theme . If you like it , please share. It is one a small chapter but there will be more to come. Thanks . http://w.tt/1wblo6K

A Baseball And Shards Of Glass

This is a poem I wrote for an online class I am taking. I have learned a lot from the class and I feel like this poem shows how I am growing as a poet. Please take a moment to read and comment.

A baseball and shards of glass lay on the just installed carpet.
Becky stands over them like a queen inspecting her guard.
Was this deliberate, she wonders.
She has seen the neighbors huddled together, talking and pointing to their house.
Their house ; the two words stopped her thoughts as if they had brakes on them.
Mine and hers; Hers and mine.
Two women married to each other
Still caused people to whisper behind their hands.
Becky was used to that, used to people talking over their coffee about her.
She had come to expect it , maybe even depend on it.
And, like a poison, it infects and hurts the young quickly.
Negativity sticks with you when you’re young.
Sticks with you enough to throw a ball through a window.