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My Novel Story on Facebook

My Novel Story is on Facebook! I plan to be better about posting both here and on there ( plan being the key word there lol) . My last couple of Facebook posts have come straight from the heart. Straight from the phone, exactly how I typed it , no editing. Please check it out and like. https://www.facebook.com/mynovelstory/posts/953111658056947


Looking At Your Ego

I’ve been reading a lot about the ego lately, trying to figure out the ego that lives inside of me. Here’s a realization that just came to me.
The ego that lives in me thrives on a lot of things, pain and anger being just a couple. But I am beginning to see that , in me, there is one thing that it really feeds off. The one thing it really loves is any form of drama.
Actually anger and pain are forms of drama. A form of a form. Eckhart Tolle talks about the ego being a thought form. Forms are dangerous. They are dangerous because our essence, what we are beyond the physical, is formless. When you try to fit something formless and undefinable into a form,it becomes imprisoned. It cannot move or be what it as meant to be because of the confinement. What everyone needs to realize is that our minds and our souls need to be released, not shackled down. When we do shackle our minds and souls , that’s where the ego starts to arise and to take over the mind. That’s where the drama starts.
I have to say the rational part of me, the don’t- over- think- anything part of me, dislikes drama. I dislike what it does to my mind and my body. It makes me physically sick. My whole body feels heavy and my muscles spasm and ache. Then there’s the part where I always want to cry whenever anything triggers the ego in me.
Despite all of that, there is a small part of my mind that is happy , actually glad , that there’s drama going on around me. It makes a part of me feel special. This is part of the thought process : Look at what’s happening to me; everyone needs to pay attention to me because I’m having all these difficulties. Attention seeking is another favorite pastime of the ego.
Another line of thinking ,that I am seen in myself, that is very egocentric : My life has to be more important than your’s because look at all that is happening in it. If I wasn’t important there wouldn’t be all this drama, anger, and pain. So all this drama makes me better than you.
Even as I was typing that, it sounded crazy. It seems like only an insane person would think that way. Yet I would be willing to bet , that I am not the only person who has these thoughts. Some of you reading this, if you take the time to look at what really motivates you, probably have the same type of thoughts.
Here’s the thing, it’s all ego. Nothing but pure ego. When your thoughts are completely generated by the ego, when your mind is completely formed by the ego, you don’t even realize what it is that generates these thoughts. To you and I, it’s just the normal way of thinking. Our normal way of being. It’s only been in the last few months that I’ve gotten better at noticing when these thoughts pop up and just let them drift out of my mind instead of agonizing over them.
Noticing and relinquishing these thoughts when they appear, is the first , and probably most important , step in letting go of the ego.
I’ve heard many times during my life to watch the thoughts in your mind. As I look back now I wonder how many of those people that I heard that from really understood the mechanics behind negative thinking or just understood that not thinking negative thoughts made life better?
It’s a totally different thing to do something because you are told to do it and it just happens to work , and to understand something completely. By completely I mean with your mind and your soul.
I think most people still go through the motions of what they are told to do, never realizing how much more they could be. Never realizing that there is a underlying psychological condition that drives them and their collective misery.
This is what has caused the greatest pain in my life. I think it’s what causes the greatest pain in most people’s lives. The question , the only true question that really matters, is are we going to stay in pain or are we going to awaken to the happy life that we all deserve ?


Compassion – We All Need It And We All Should Give It

Spiritual leaders are asked one question all the time. What does the world need?

            There could be a million answers to that question. One answer that I’ve heard quite a bit, and the one that I personally believe in, is that the world needs more compassion.

            Compassion is a rare commodity where most people are trying only to look out for themselves and trying to acquire more in an attempt to make them happy.

            Empathy is a big part of compassion. Without empathy, a person cannot be truly compassionate. They can act as if they are compassionate but they will never truly feel compassion for another living thing. Without the ability to understand the suffering of another human being there is no emotional response that motivates people to help other people.

            If we would all just look at each other as spiritual being living the human experience, things would be so different. Race, gender, sexual orientation would not matter. If everyone would realize that our souls are the most important asset we have and nothing we could ever get on Earth can ever compare.  Where could we be as human beings if everyone embraced that?

            If you meet someone who deflects his or her suffering on to you, see it for what it is, and try not to let it make you suffer. It’s not easy; it never will be. Instead of lashing out yourself, try to be compassionate to the other person’s pain. Imagine what they must be going through to be able to treat you the way they did.

            If that were you in all that pain, how would you want someone to react? You would expect them to react in anger but what if they didn’t. What if instead of lashing back at you, they showed compassion? What if they said, “I’m sorry you’re in such pain?”

            Very few people ever say that to another person and chances are that neither you nor I will ever have anyone say that to us. I may not be right there with you but I’ll say it to you right now. Whoever you are, wherever you are.  

            I’m sorry you’re in pain and I’m sorry that someone treated you so bad. It doesn’t erase the pain; nothing can ever completely erase it. But, maybe it’ll ease it a little and you can pass it on to the next person. If everyone will pass it on, who knows where it could lead.